Mar 22, 2019

Exploro Search

Exploro is  a crawler-based search engine, using php and databases technologies to create a web page index that forms the bulk of the listings that appear in response to a search from Exploro’s home page. The results page is dominated by listings from Exploro’s own web page index.

Even if you never submit to Exploro, Exploro’s crawler may still locate your site, follow links within it and add pages it finds to its web page index. You can expect Exploro’s crawler to revisit your site about every four weeks, to check for changes and new pages.

Exploro Search URL Page

Exploro maintains a Submit URL page that allows you to ensure that key pages from your web site are listed quickly within the index. Any page submitted may appear within four to six days, assuming it isn’t spam. You can reach the page via the URL below:

Exploro Submit URL Page

Exploro also maintains a Contact Us page that allows you to contact Exploro. If you have problems getting listed or have any other question related to Exploro Search you can use the Contact Us page. The page is reached via the URL below:

Exploro Contact Us Page


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